Melissa J.
June 13 2017

Was so super impressed with the work you did for Alex Baillie and Matt Haskins wedding! And all that talent from tiny Brule Wi .. best part!!

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 2.08.26 PM.png

Patti R. 
September 15 2016

"Spending the day (a very special day, my only daughters wedding) with Jasper and his lovely assistant was awesome. They were so easy to be around and not only professional but fun! Thank you both for capturing Jodi and Aarons (and the rest of us as well) special day!!!"

James B.
July 27 2016

"I worked with Jasper for hours on a work project that required a lot of different staging and a lot of downtime, not only is he a top notch photographer but he's an excellent person to be around. The 3+ hours could have been brutal but he was always sparking up conversation in between shots and genuinely engaged in the project. The photos turned out great!"

Screen Shot 2016-09-25 at 2.13.29 PM.png

Erin W. 
June 13 2016

"Amazing videographer. He was awesome to work with. He filmed our wedding day. I recommend him to anyone who wants to capture special moments. Thanks to him I have priceless moments to look back on for years to come. The day went so fast. It's great to look back watch. Everyone loved to see the video. Especially those who couldn't make it for our special day. Book Jasper you will thank me later."

JUNE 9 2016

"Jasper photographed our wedding day. He was incredibly easy to work with, creative, fun and friendly. Photography/videography is something that clearly comes natural to him. I would recommend him to anyone with high remarks!"

Lori L. 
MaY 9 2016

"My Grandson was curious watching Jasper taking movies, so Rylan who's 5 pulled a chair next to Jasper to see the screen. Jasper took the time to show Rylan what he was shooting and let Rylan hold the Camera. Rylan was so Happy and now wants a Camera. Thank You Jasper!"



Angie M.
October 28 2015 

"Jasper stepped up to shoot our wedding 6 days prior to big day when our other photographer had to step away. So far the few photos he has completed are beyond our wildest dreams amazing! Everyone LOVED working with him! We would recommend him day in and out!! He is incredibly talented!"


Cait W.
October 7 2015

"One of the most talented individuals I have ever met! I was blessed to have him capture my wedding and you would be too!!"


Genave D.
October 3 2015

"Jasper made our wedding video & I highly suggest his work. Everyone in my family was so thrilled with his outgoing personality and ease of being there - he made people comfortable being on camera for our memories. His talent is beyond words of explanation as he was truly able to capture some amazing moments and his ability to create a STORY of our Day makes it something we can watch forever and relive the feelings felt that day. I cry happy tears every time I watch my video :) he captures the emotion & love! THANK YOU JASPER!"

Darin G.
October 2 2015

"Jasper Meddock made a wedding video for us exactly 5 years and one week ago! He took wonderful footage that completely displayed the love and affection of our special day. The video was further enhanced by well chosen music and smooth transitions, I would recommend him to anyone seeking wedding photography/videography!"


Ben S.
October 2 2015

"Jasper filmed our wedding. The ease of using his service made it entirely unobtrusive while still capturing all the best points of our day. Great to work with, very inventive, very creative. Highly recommended."

Matthew J.
October 2 2015

"Working with Jasper was an awesome experience. Excellent communicator and remarkable to work with! Would recommend him to anyone looking for a quality, professional videographer!"