hello, I'm Jasper Meddock.


Hopefully you've enjoyed looking at some of my work and reviews on my site.  If you couldn't already tell from my videos, I love emotions.  My number one goal in all the work I do is to create videos that make you feel something.  When I'm spending the day shooting with you, I will often get goosebumps and feel the excitement and anticipation that you're feeling, and when I edit the videos, I'm making sure that those feelings get translated into lasting memories for you to watch over and over again.

After working with a variety of clients throughout the years, I have a real understanding of how unique each couple is.  I have helped capture everything from a hot air balloon proposal in WI to the first skydiving wedding in New Zealand and a whole bunch of interesting things in between.  In fact, my parents were the first people ever to get married on top of a hot air balloon (Don't believe me? I probably wouldn't either so click here) so, needless to say, I get how every wedding is one of a kind.

If you want a personalized, emotional wedding video made with lots of love, I would love to work with you.